Name as it appears on the ballot: Wendy Ella May
Campaign website:
Phone number: 919-413-0886
Years lived in the district: I have lived in the area for most of the past 20 years.

1. In your view, what are the three most pressing issues facing the United States? If elected, what will you do to address these issues, given the gridlock that seems to define Congress these days?

Equality is needed for all other things to work for the betterment of the USA. Educational opportunity is the great equalizer in our country. Economy: we must build a stronger base and bring jobs back to our district.

2. If you are challenging an incumbent, what decisions has the incumbent made that you most disagree with? If you are an incumbent, what in your voting record and experience do you believe entitles you to another term?

George Holding’s lack of voting for issues that relate to the people of his district.

3. The economy has picked up steam in the last year. Unemployment is down, and the stock market and economic expectations are up. How much of this improvement do you attribute to the policies of President Trump? What potential problem areas


the U.S. economy face in coming years?

#45 has done little to improve life in the second congressional district. The bad trade agreements have sent jobs out of the 2nd CD of NC and we must return them.

4. On the other hand, much of the wealth has gone to the already wealthy. Income inequality is as high in the U.S. as it’s been since the Great Depression. If elected, what steps (if any) do you believe Congress can or should take to ameliorate the gap between rich and poor?

We must get jobs in our district, we must have better schools and as a member of Congress I have a plan to do that as well as a contract with voters called (CFAR2018) Contract For American Renewal

5. On a similar note, in December Republicans passed a big tax cut package that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will benefit the wealthy more than the middle and working classes, especially if and when some of the income tax cuts are phased out. The tax cuts will also add more than $1 trillion to the deficit, according to the CBO’s analysis. Do you believe this tax cut package was good policy? If so, why? If not, would you work to repeal or alter it?

No this was not a good tax cut and I would work to repeal and replace with a fair and equal tax law.

6. Congressional Republicans came within a vote last year of repealing the Affordable Care Act. As part of the tax cut package, Obamacare’s individual mandate, a key element of the ACA, was eliminated. What steps do you believe Congress should take on health care? In what ways (if any) should Congress act to stabilize health insurance markets?

The American people’s access to healthcare isn’t something that should be decided by the government, it should be guaranteed by the government. In a time of rising premiums and uncertainty, access to quality medical care and needed preventative care isn’t something we will negotiate on. We will defend and seek to perfect the healthcare Americans have rightfully come to rely on. Our seniors and our poor, our veterans and our sick, have asked for better, we expect better, and it’s our obligation to make sure we get it.

7. Since the Las Vegas mass shooting last year and the Parkland mass shooting in February, there’s been a renewed discussion about gun reforms. One idea that has majority support in most opinion polls is to reinstate the ban on assault-style weapons. Would you support such a ban? Why or why not?

Yes, commonsense gun laws. Right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation. Reauthorize assault weapons ban, close gun show loophole. Strengthen gun control to reduce violence.

8. The Parkland shooting

in particular

has led to a debate over school safety. Both in North Carolina and in Washington, D.C., some politicians have suggested arming teachers or school staff members as one possible solution. What steps do you believe the government could take to make schools safer?

We must look at schools


as jails and must not arm our teachers or staff but redesign our schools to be safe by adding safety programs like other countries have done.

9. There are a number of crises brewing in the world right now: North Korea, Iran, and Russia come to mind. Given the apparent tumult of the Trump administration, do you have confidence in the president to handle these issues? As a member of Congress, what steps would you take to hold the administration accountable?


#45 is not able to lead and should be removed as president and as a member of


I would start the formal steps to impeach him.

10. There has been considerable talk in recent years about reforming the criminal justice system and moving away from mandatory minimums and policies that are seen as disproportionately affecting minority communities. At the same time, however, the attorney general seems to be headed in the opposite direction, taking a harder line on marijuana, for instance; and now the president is talking about executing opioid dealers. What reforms would you like to see made to the criminal justice system to make it fairer?

I would follow what the DA of Philadelphia PA has done and sponsor a law which would allow city, counties and states the right to follow the leadership of Philadelphia.

11. Russia, and the special counsel’s investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the termination of former FBI director James


has consumed much of the last year. Some Republicans have called for the probe to end; Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was no collusion with the Trump campaign and disbanded their inquiry. What do you believe the role of Congress should be in this investigation? Do you have faith in the special counsel’s investigation?

I have faith in the special counsel and would work to impeach #45

12. The president recently enacted tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. Some liberals and conservatives argue that these tariffs will boost manufacturing in the U.S. and protect American workers, while many economists say that while they will boost certain sectors of the economy, they will also raise prices on things like cars and construction and even beer and increase the chance of a trade war. Do you support the president’s tariffs? Why or why not?

Even though I am a Union Member and support workers in America I cannot support any tariffs which hurt many to benefit the few. We must stop bad trade agreements and trade wars which cost the poor and working poor more money.

13. The fate of the so-called Dreamers is still up in the air. The president has tied their protection to funding for a border wall and legal immigration limits that Democrats do not seem willing to accept, while some Republicans are pushing back against what they see as “amnesty.” What do you believe should be done about the Dreamers—and about American immigration policy generally?

We need a safe way to citizenship and we must start now.

14. What do you believe is driving the polarization of and rancor in American politics? Is there anything you believe Congress can do about it? In what areas do you believe you could reach a compromise with members of the opposite political party?

The system of money in elections has driven the two parties to almost act as one. The new party of the rich owned by PAC’S and special interest groups. The compromise is to take money out of elections and call for term limits of a reasonable time like 3 terms for US Sen and 9 terms for US House.

15. Identify and explain one principled stand you would be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some points with voters.

Equal Rights for All. This is a hot-button issue with many people as they see some as second-class citizens or terrorists based on where they are from and their religious beliefs.