chawed: (adj.) embarrassed, disgraced

cooter: (noun) a large swamp turtle

cuz: (noun) a term of address used in greeting a fellow Lumbee

damn skippy: (adj.) right! an affirmative response to a speaker’s comment

ellick: (noun) coffee

gallanipper: (noun) a large mosquito-like insect

in the pines: (prep. phrase) snobby, uppity

jubious: (adj.) strange, eerie

juvember: (noun) slingshot

mommuck (up): (noun, verb) a mess, to make a mess of

on the swamp: (prep. phrase) in the neighborhood or community

orta notta: (verb phrase) should not have

pocosin: (noun) big swamp

since the shake: (prep. phrase) in a long time

sow cat: (noun) term of endearment for a child

yurker: (noun) mischievous child

From A Dialect Dictionary of Lumbee English, by Locklear, Wolfram, Schilling-Estes and Dannenberg