Ashley Worley says…
When shopping for shoes:

Try on shoes when you are in a good mood and when your feet are happy. Don’t go when you have been on your feet all day; they are tired and swollen and shoes won’t fit properly.

Look for something that suits your personality. Just because it is a work shoe doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Don’t let a pushy salesperson talk you into something that you won’t wear. Also, you never know when you may need to make a quick get-away, so even in a dress shoe, I try to opt for a stable shoe that could get you out of a jam if necessary.

Michelle Lee says…
When shopping for vintage:

For a night out on the town
Dance in the item while trying it on to see if it will feel comfortable later. We always play fun music to dance to and sing to.

When accessorizing
Always do it, and do it head to toe.

On shopping in the Triangle
Always think alternative and try stores that have fresh visions.

Julie Jennings says…
When shopping for:

Pants: no pleats, keep lines long

Shirts: cover your stomach

Dresses: not too short unless you have the legs to go with it

Suits: keep the jacket and pants fitted

Underwear: no panty lines or granny undies

Swimsuits: look for one that compliments your figure–you’ll know it when you find it

Formal wear: black always looks great

High fashion/expensive clothing: look for classic cuts–you want it to last at those prices

Nighisti Selby says…
When getting clothes tailored:
On the importance of seamstresses
The seamstress comes to fit the body. Because when you buy in the store, they don’t make it for you. So you have to go to a tailor who knows how to tailor. It’s not just alterations.

On the difference between alterations and tailoring
Alterations is: the customer tells you what to do and you do it. You don’t have to think about it. With tailoring, you’re going into the detail of the garment: how it is made, how you can make it look better. And then when you start remaking something, you have to reshape it, because when you do something to one part, the other part starts doing something–so you have to redo all of it. That’s very important. Then, when it fits your body, you feel good!

It makes me very proud, and that’s what I tell [my customers]: “When you look good, you go out there and I know you’re feeling good. That’s my payment.”