Life in 2014 was ridiculous. If you’re not up on current eventsthe follies of state government, the despicable run of wrongful convictions and racial profiling incidents, tension between police and protesters, the widening chasm between the wealthy and the middle-class and poor, the corruption of college sportsproof of these absurd times is embodied in a lengthy email I received last week. I excerpt it here:

Why does everyone at the Independent a Politically Correct left wing extremist who constantly plays the race card, the victim card & pretends in that some fantasy island universe that the real problem isn’t taking responsibility for one’s self but it’s white people’s or Conservative Republican’s fault every time a minority screws up or doesn’t get another freebie handed to them on a silver platter for doing nothing!?

Let me guess you hate Fox News but watch MSNBC & actually think the Socialist Muslim dictator Obama is still a good president?You are smarter than that but being realistic defies your racist agenda doesn’t it?

How did you or anyone at The Independent get to be a journalist with that kind of one-sided insanity? …

… Thank God above we have the Castle Law in NC so we can protect ourselves!!!

A point of correction: I think President Obama is a moderate Republican masquerading as a Democrat.

Ridiculousness should beget ridiculousness. Rather than morosely prattle on about the year’s few highlightsthe legalization of same-sex marriageand the many lowlightsalmost everything elsewe’re injecting some humor into the Year in News.

If you ever played the board game Life, then you know how random a spin of the wheel can be. One moment you feel rewarded by your career as a public school teacher; the next moment you’re packing up the house and leaving North Carolina for a better-payingand better-respectedjob out of state.

Such is life in North Carolina. Ridiculous.

Enjoy the game.