A few years ago, it would have been hard to find information about media literacy outside of scholarly journals. Now, there are numerous Web sites, studies and organizations working to spread the word about this broad-based strategy. In Durham, a forum on Media for Youth that will focus on media literacy will be held at 4 p.m. on Aug. 21 at the Center for Documentary Studies. Call Paul Savery, coordinator of prevention services for The Durham Center, for details, (919) 560-7284.

Local/State Media Literacy Organizations:
Appalachian State University program in media literacy, Boone: www.ci.appstate .edu/programs/edmedia/medialit, David Considine chair of 2003 National Media Literacy Conference, (828) 262-2270

Citizens for Media Literacy, Asheville: www.main.nc.us/cml/, (828) 255-0182

Center for Documentary Studies, Durham: www.cds.aas.duke.edu, 660-3663

LimiTV, Inc., Raleigh: (888) 546-4883, www.limiTV.org

MediaSmart, Raleigh: 834-8371

National Alliance for Non-Violent Programming, Greensboro: www.ncmsalliance.org, (336) 370-0407

National Media Literacy Groups:
Action Coalition for Media Education: www.acmecoalition.org

Alliance for a Media Literate America: www.nmec.org

Cable in the Classroom: www.cicoline.com

Center for Commercial Free Public Education: www.commercialfree.org

Center for Media Literacy: (800) 228-4630, www.medialit.org

Children Now: www.childrennow.org

The Just Think Foundation: www.justhink.org

Media Awareness Network: www.media-awareness.ca

Media Literacy Clearinghouse at the University of South Carolina: www.media.sc.edu

The National Institute on Media and the Family: www.mediafamily.org

New Mexico Media Literacy Project: (505) 828-3129, www.nmmlp.org

TV Turn-Off Network: www.tvturnoff.org

Related Sites/Organizations:
American Academy of Pediatrics: www.aap.org

American Legacy Foundation’s Truth campaign: www.thetruth.com

The Annenburg School for Communication: www.asc.upenn.edu, (404) 767-1275

Center on Blacks and the Media: (404) 767-1275

Center for Democracy and Technology: www.cdt.org

Center for a New American Dream: (301) 891-3683; www.newdream.org

Culture Jammers: www.adbusters.org

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: www.fair.org

Kaiser Family Foundation: www.kff.org

Selling America’s Kids: www.consumersunion.org/other/ sellingkids/recommendations

Zillions Ed Center: www.zillionsedcenter.org (has information on kids and advertising)