Governor’s public expenses:

Security detail expenses:


Private money that paid for McCrory travel:

When state Republicans kvetched that they’ve waited 39 whole days for Attorney General Roy Cooper to fill their open records request, we were dumbfounded.

Consider this: It took 16 monthsyes, monthsof public shaming and, finally, legal intervention to get Gov. McCrory’s office to cough up just six months’ of travel records to the INDY.

This stonewalling occurred even after we amended, narrowed and refiled the request to ostensibly make it easier to fill. This happened in light of McCrory’s campaign promise of a transparent, “ethical and accountable” government.

Yet after 16 months, we still didn’t get everything we asked for.

Despite our repeated requests, Josh Ellis, a former journalist and McCrory’s communications director, omitted several reasons for the governor’s trips. Ellis, who earns $105,000 a year, routinely ignored our emails and phone calls; he continues to do so in defiance of the state’s open records laws, which stipulate that requests be filled in a “reasonable amount of time.”

The state GOP asked “What is Roy Cooper hiding?” We asked the same thing of McCroryand after 480 days, we’re still wondering. Republicans, you have only 441 more to go.

Source: Governor’s office