Citizens had poured more than $280,000 into the campaigns of candidates for Raleigh City Council by the end of the first disclosure period on July 28. The race-by-race totals show a great divide between those at the top and the five candidates, for instance, who have agreed to raise no more than $1,000. (That agreement keeps them from having to submit detailed accountings.)

Donations, of course, have continued past the cutoff. On July 30, for example, at-large candidate Stacy Miller threw a lavish fundraiser at Figure 8 Island Yacht Club in Wilmington, with a top-end, $5,000 “patron” donation available down to a $25 ticket for somebody’s political child.

The city of Raleigh does many millions of dollars’ worth of business with contractors, in addition to signing off on development, restaurant inspections, street improvements, and the like. Just mentioning that, really.

For a complete look at the people who have already given money to city council candidates, visit the Wake County Board of Elections’ website. (Some records will require a second click to reach the State Board of Elections.) For now, here’s a breakdown of what the council candidates are bringing in and who are some of the honchos cutting the checks.

Guide to above image:

• Information based on midyear disclosures.

• Contributions means revenue from all sources, including candidates’ loans to their campaign, in-kind contributions, contributions from PACs, etc.

• Cash on hand is money available to the campaign after expenses are deducted.

• (I) means incumbent.