Karl Rove at Duke U.
plays defense blocking questions
regarding treason

His story (and he’s
sticking to it) don’t confuse
this with history:

Opinion polls dove
So Rove called Dems hawks who pushed
Bush into Iraq

It wasn’t Condi
or Rummy or Cheney or
Wolfie or Tenet

Reality bite:
Andrew Card said Rove’s mouth gets
ahead of his brain

Rove said let’s get past
the past: Plamegate, attorney
firings, dirty tricks

Move on to assass-
-inations of character
and chicanery

To the GOP:
Here’s how to beat Hillary:
Talk core convictions

not criminal ones
bribery, pornography,
lying, obstruction

That’s embarrassing
But hope, faith, fam’ly values
It fooled ’em last time

Stand strong on Iraq
Pretend to love black people
Fake a health care plan

Be calculated
and conniving and choose words
that obscure the truth

Say, what is the truth
according to Turd Blossom?
Congress is probing

Quoted in the Post,
Rove said, “I’m Moby Dick and
they are after me”

Call Ishmael. Tell him
to get a harpoon, sharpest,
biggest he can find