Finally, from the updates desk: The McCrory administration PR crisis that is the media-coalition lawsuit brought against it last year for failing to provide public records promptly went to mediation on Friday. We were there, of course, but as a party to the case we’re bound by a confidentiality agreement, which means we can’t say much about what went on.

Here’s what we can tell you: In attendance on the plaintiffs’ side were our lawyers, Hugh Stevens and Mike Tadych, as well as representatives from WRAL, WNCN, The News & Observer, the INDY and attorneys from the Southern Environmental Law Center and the N.C. Justice Center. The McCrory administration sent six of its own attorneys.

No resolution was reached after more than four hours, so the mediator, Elizabeth Scott of the law firm Williams Mullen, continued the mediation. Depositions of four of the administration’s public information officers that were scheduled next week have been rescheduled for later this month or the beginning of February. Also throughout this month and into February, McCrory’s attorneys will depose representatives from the media outlets.

Stay tuned.

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