68 Number of days the North Carolina General Assembly was in session.

1 Bill vetoed by the governor. Senate Bill 71 would have reformed the Coal Ash Management Commission that Governor McCrory and the legislative leaders were battling over for more than a year.

$22,341,437,590 The total cost of the budget passed by the General Assembly.

$10,000,000 Amount the state will fund the school-voucher program every year until 2027, when the voucher fund reaches $144,840,000.

$500,000 Money redirected from the Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Fund to the governor’s office to defend House Bill 2 in court.

244,000 Number of people in the Medicare coverage gap who would have been covered if the General Assembly had voted to expand Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

4.7 percent The average raise for teachers.

$50,186 The average teacher salary for the 2016–2017 school year, including counties’ supplemental pay.

1.5 percent The average raise for other state employees; all state employees will also get a onetime bonus of 0.5 percent of their salary.