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The job posting is unlike any you’ve seen before. Preferred height of 5-foot-8 to 6-foot-1. Dance experience encouraged. Must be able to drive a go-kart and ATV. 

Not just anyone can be the next Wool E. Bull. 

The previous mascot for the Durham Bulls, Eric Topolewski, is moving on after a year-and-a-half long run. Now, the Bulls are looking for the next human to inhabit Wool E.’s chocolatey-brown fur suit.

The Bulls are demanding about their mascot. “Must be energetic,” “maintain high performance level in the costume through varying temperatures,” and baseball games are just the beginning. 

Each month, the “Mascot Program Coordinator” is expected to schedule at least 20 (!) community appearances. On Valentine’s Day, that means delivering Wool E. Grams with chocolates, roses, and Bulls tickets. Throughout the academic year, there are school visits (the E. in Wool E. stands for Education) and programs on wellness. In May, the bull even hosted a cooking class. Wool E.’s reach spans far past Bulls Athletic Park with a hand in every corner of Durham life.

The posting makes it clear that Wool E. is expected to act as their own manager, too. In addition to driving and maintaining the go-kart and ATV, the Mascot Coordinator must schedule their own events, handle donations, and clean their costume to “the highest standard” (and finding a washing machine large enough for Wool E.’s big furry head is surely not easy). 

To slip into Wool E.’s suit is to become a civic leader of Durham itself. Who can fill such large hooves?

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