Former vice president Joe Biden has won a decisive victory in the North Carolina primary. 

With more than 99 percent of precincts reporting, Biden has won 43 percent of the vote. Senator Bernie Sanders placed second, with 24 percent; former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg placed third, with 13 percent; and Senator Elizabeth Warren placed fourth, with 10 percent. 

Given North Carolina’s convoluted process of allocating delegates, the split will depend not just on who wins the state but on who wins each of the 13 congressional districts and by how much, with Democratic-leaning congressional districts more heavily weighted than Republican-leaning ones.

Biden’s win marked a huge comeback for a campaign that was limping just a week ago. Some recent polls, taken before Biden’s victory in South Carolina on Saturday, had Sanders either leading in North Carolina or in a tight race with Biden. 

Potentially concerning for Sanders: He appears to have received fewer votes in North Carolina this year (317,369) than he did in 2016 (467,018), though turnout edged up from four years ago (about 1.14 million to 1.31 million). The less-than-stellar turnout, meanwhile, seems to undercut Sanders’s argument that he can turn out unlikely voters. 

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