In response to the Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, congressional candidate Nida Allam today released a television ad where she speaks out against the ruling and shares a personal story about what the decision will put at stake.

“Last year, I had an abortion that saved my life,” Allam says in the ad. “Now, the Supreme Court is taking away our right to choose. People like us won’t have access to care.”

Allam, who is running in the Democratic primary for North Carolina’s 4th congressional district, is the first candidate nationwide to broadcast an ad related to the draft ruling, and the first candidate this year to openly discuss her experience having an abortion.

Last year, after months spent struggling to conceive, Allam underwent a series of fertility treatments and became pregnant. But she soon learned that the pregnancy was ectopic—the embryo had implanted outside of her uterus—meaning the fetus had no chance of survival, and without prompt intervention, Allam could have faced fatal consequences.

“My abortion saved my life, but the procedure I had is now illegal in many states,” Allam told the INDY. “With Roe v. Wade on the line, people like me could die. That’s what’s at stake in this election, and that’s why it’s important for people like me to talk about our experiences with abortion. No one will fight harder than me to protect our right to choose.”

Watch the ad below.

YouTube video

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