Remember when we watched 21st century Confederates/Klansmen/Nazis break into the U.S. Capitol Building at the order of the sitting president who had been calling for it for days?

Oh yeah. That was yesterday.

Since that weak attempt at insurrection, all of North Carolina’s congressional lawmakers have released statements condemning the violence. Who they blame–and how they think we should move forward–varies.

The state’s Democrats have all been clear about what they think should happen.

Representatives David Price and Kathy Manning are co-sponsoring Articles of Impeachment, introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar, along with nearly 60 other U.S. House members.

“President Trump has engaged in conduct that is both criminal and impeachable: his call on January 2nd demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State ‘find’ over 11,000 votes and his encouragement of violent events yesterday warrant removal from office and a ban on ever holding public office again,” Price said in a statement.

Reps. Alma Adams, Kathy Manning, and G.K. Butterfield have called for the presidential cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. Manning suggested impeachment as well, while Butterfield said they were short on time.

“The president is unstable, which should alarm his family, his cabinet, and supporters,” Butterfield said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient time to engage in an impeachment proceeding. However, the Presidential cabinet should immediately discuss invoking the 25th Amendment.”

Adams politely told Republicans to cut the shit after many of them abandoned Trump’s side for the first time in four years.

“I will not cast doubt on the sincerity of their words; however, I will urge sincerity in their actions,” she said in a statement. “I ask them to join me in calling on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this cancer from the White House immediately.”

Meanwhile, all seven Republicans who said they were objecting to the Electoral College results could not reap what they sowed. Despite following through with their objections, they all released statements condemning Wednesday’s mob.

“Thankfully, my staff and I are safe at the moment,” Rep. Greg Murphy tweeted at 3:11 p.m. on Wednesday, less than four hours after he reaffirmed his decision to object. “Americans have a fundamental right to protest, but I categorically condemn the violence taking place at the Capitol right now.”

Rep. Virginia Foxx had even more impressive timing; at 1 p.m. Wednesday, she announced she would object to the election results. By 2:49 p.m., she was condemning the protesters’ violence.

“The brute force of the rule of law must be swiftly applied to the individuals who incited violence in the Capitol,” Foxx tweeted later on. “Their actions run contrary to the values we proudly hold as Americans. Justice must not be delayed.”

Foxx does not seem to categorize Donald Trump as someone who incited violence. She has, in the past, also criticized Democrats for considering outrageous actions like “impeachment” and invoking “the 25th Amendment.”

“Democrats apparently have the time to come up with baseless pursuits that are devoid of logic,” she tweeted on October 9, a month before Joe Biden took Trump down in an election that the president baselessly insists was riddled with voter fraud. 

While not explicitly blaming leftists, Rep. Dan Bishop retweeted a photo from Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas showing three men, including the weird viking dude, in the Capitol.

“Please people; no violence,” Gohmert wrote. “That only hurts our cause. Those leading the charge like the guy in yellow with the communist hammer & sickle tattoo: stopping the violence applies to you too.”

Bishop responded: “Keen eye, Louie.”

The tattoo they’re talking about is actually from a video game.

GOP sweetheart Madison Cawthorn started out the day at the Stop The Steal rally, where he also made a few remarks.

“Wow, this crowd has some fight in it!” he said at the Wednesday event, before the mob went to overtake the Capitol. “I am so proud of each and every single one of you!”

Later, while objecting to the election results, he had a different tone for the people he claimed to be so proud of.

“I want a new generation of Americans to be radicals,” Cawthorn said early Thursday morning. “To be radicals for freedom and for liberty, but not radicals for violence.”

The News & Observer reports that six of the 69 people arrested in D.C. Wednesday were from North Carolina. Three more were arrested the day before. 

Senator Richard Burr joined the “Temporary Spine Club” along with, surprisingly enough, Sen. Thom Tillis yesterday, with both announcing they would not object to the election results. Burr also was the only N.C. Republican to criticize Trump.

“The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point,” Burr said in a statement. “It is past time to accept the will of American voters and to allow our nation to move forward.”

Did he call for the president to be impeached? No. Did he ask for the invocation of the 25th Amendment? Also no. But he said something, which is a big step for a man who once climbed out a window to avoid talking to reporters. The bar is on the floor. 

This article has been updated to show that Rep. Kathy Manning has co-sponsored the Articles of Impeachment, which she announced after the story’s release.

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