Here’s a funny thing: Bo Hines, the 27-year-old second coming of Madison Cawthorn who doesn’t like to be compared to Madison Cawthorn, has scrubbed his entire campaign website of any mention of his “pro life” values—but they featured heavily in his primary campaign for the Republican nomination for the 13th Congressional district.

So that’s weird, right?!

Here are the receipts:

There used to be a whole page linked to Bo Hines’s position on “Life and Family” on his website that has now mysteriously disappeared. Web archives indicate that when you clicked the vanished link, a page would have popped up with the following statement:

“I am pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception and that we must protect the rights of the unborn. I also believe in traditional marriage. We must fight to protect our core family values that are rooted in biblical principles.”

Here’s a screenshot of the archived page:

But you can’t find any references to Bo Hines being “pro-life” (read anti-choice) on his website anymore. Could it be that since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision came down in June, North Carolinians, including those in Bo Hines’s tossup district, have vociferously and via survey indicated their staunch support for abortion access and reproductive rights?

Some polling certainly indicates that that’s the case: here’s a Blueprint survey from earlier this month. Here’s a joint survey from WRAL and SurveyUSA from June.

Let’s not forget that before his primary—in which Bo Hines ran against and defeated DeVan Barbour IV, Kelly Daughtry, Renee Ellmers, Kent Keirsey, and three other candidates—he told the News & Observer that he would support legislation banning all abortions with no exceptions.

Curiously, Bo Hines has been mum on the issue ever since.

Here’s another funny thing: there’s a video on Bo Hines’s website touting his endorsement from the legally embattled former president, one Donald J. Trump.

But a Public Policy Polling survey (embedded below) from last week indicates that, of 506 residents polled, 56 percent of people in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional district have an unfavorable opinion of the former president while only 35 percent of survey respondents have a favorable opinion of Trump.

How long before that video disappears from the website as well? The PPP survey shows Bo Hines running neck and neck with Democratic state Senator Wiley Nickel, both with 40 percent support from respondents and 20 percent undecided. So, go ahead—do the math, and place your bets now. DJT and a hardline anti-abortion stance likely won’t play well in the new 13th district.

We reached out to Bo Hines’s campaign for clarification on his current position on the issues of reproductive rights and abortion access.

We’ll let you know if we hear back. 

NC 13 Aug 24 Poll Results by Jane Porter on Scribd

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