Read the Indy‘s previous coverage of the state’s eugenics program, including Lara Torgesen’s 2010 award-winning story, “The Ultimate Betrayal.”

Kevin Begos, who wrote the Indy‘s May 2011 eugenics series, recently released a book, Against Their Will: North Carolina’s Sterilization Program, available at local bookstores.

Of the 7,600 people involuntarily sterilized in a state-sponsored eugenics program, the identities of 111 have been verified by the N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.

The verifications were made by matching names to state Eugenics Board records. As many as 1,500 victims may still be alive, although some may no longer reside in North Carolina.

The state eugenics program lasted from 1929 to 1972; the state-sanctioned procedures were conducted in all 100 North Carolina counties.

Earlier this year, the Eugenics Compensation Task Force, appointed by Gov. Bev Perdue, recommended that each living victim, including those who were alive when initially verified by the foundation, receive a $50,000 tax-free payment. The task force also recommended the state provide mental health services to the victims, continue funding for the foundation and create permanent exhibits to educate people about the state’s previous eugenics programs.

The Legislature must approve money for the compensation and other initiatives.

The foundation is still looking for people who may have been involuntarily sterilized by the state. Call 877-550-6013 or 919-807-4270 for more information. The foundation’s website is