1 At the GOP Convention in 2011, after cutting more than $100 million from K–12 expenditures

2 At a 2011 Town Hall Tour event in Asheville

3 To a News & Observer reporter in March, explaining why he says his alma mater is the University of Maryland in interviews (his alma mater is the University of Maryland University College, where he earned a degree at age 37)

4 In a March email to House leaders, explaining why he supported the nomination of hotel executive and DemocratR. Doyle Parrish to the UNC Board of Governors

5 An ad by the Tillis-approved Thom Tillis Committee, claiming Tillis fired two staffers (one of whom was his roommate) for having affairs with lobbyists. Tillis actually allowed the staffers to resign and gave them a combined $19,000 in severance pay.

6 In a 2013 closed-door meeting, clashing with another Republican lawmaker who criticized him for blocking conservative legislation to boost his chances in the U.S. Senate race

7 In a February interview on the Bill LuMaye show. Tillis said he would do everything possible to “nullify and repeal” the Affordable Care Act.

8 In a 2012 interview with Carolina Business Journal

9 To MSNBC’s Chuck Todd in May. Tillis called the federal minimum wage hike “a dangerous idea.”

10 In a rare interview this month with the Wilmington Star News, addressing comments from Wilmington Democrat Rep. Susi Hamilton. Hamilton told the paper Tillis’ staff actively worked to defeat a budget amendment to keep film incentive talks alive in the General Assembly.

11 Defending the state’s 2013 legislative agenda to a Politico reporter in an interview

This article appeared in print with the headline “Shit Thom Tillis says.”