Do you love cutting-edge political satire? Beautifully drawn, award-winning cartoons? Potty humor? Have we got a show for you. Starting Friday, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists will present an exhibit at Horse & Buggy Press (401-B Foster Street, Durham) titled Bathroom Humor: National Cartoonists Take on HB2, curated by our very own Cullum Rogers.

The show will feature more forty top-shelf cartoonists, including Pulitzer Prize winners Nick Anderson, Matt Davies, and Signe Wilkinson, as well as The News & Observer‘s Dwayne Powell and the inimitable Mr. Fish, taking on issues of gender identity and governmental intervention into such affairs. It will run through September 24; September 26not coincidentallyis the start date for both the 2016 Political Cartoon and Satire Festival at Duke University and the AAEC’s national conference in downtown Durham. In conjunction with Bathroom Humor, there’s also a panel discussion on HB 2 on September 23 at the Bryan Center, featuring Charlotte Observer cartoonist and Pulitzer winner Kevin Siers.

Won’t you join a bunch of professional smartasses as they make fun of this state’s very special dumbasses?