This electionperhaps more so than others that have unfolded in the last several decadeshas real implications both for North Carolina and the nation. The outcome of the gubernatorial contest and legislative races speaks to where state residents draw the line on the environment, education, LBGTQ rights, and, frankly, basic human decency. And the presidential race will answer a fundamental question about whether we, as a nation and as a state, choose to rise above demagoguery or give into our fears.

Next week, the INDY will go to press hours before these questions are answered. But while the newspaper that hits the streets November 9 will have almost nothing in the way of election coverage, we will be on the streets all day and night Tuesday and will have extensive analysis and hot takes Wednesday. You can find our coverage on, our Twitter feed, our Facebook feed, and our Instagram. (We do not have, nor do we understand, Snapchat. Sorry.)

Join us as we breathe a deep sigh of relief over a bullet dodged and do a victory dance atop the governor’s political grave, or crumple into a mess of alcohol-soaked existential dread. Either way, we’ll be around. Unless we move to Canada.