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The Greater Carolina Swap Meet: 20 things we’re willing to trade with our neighbors to the south

“You never sausage a place.” Pedro

Truer words were never shared on a billboard. Pedro, the official broken-English spokesman for South of the Border, counts down the miles to his kitschy kingdom in South Carolina with one 14-foot-tall pun after another. When you spot the top of Sombrero Tower breaking over the horizon, you know you’ve arrived.

Before you know it, the car is parked in front of a giant pink bunny. South of the Border is a feast for eyes bloodshot from hours of interstate driving. It’s the destination on the way to wherever you were going.

In the case of Lissa Gotwals and a group of Durham-based photographers collectively known as CLACK, it was the final destination for one long, visually indulgent weekend. Whether “it’s chili today or hot tamale,” South of the Border will satisfy your visual needs.