The fifth special session of the year has begun, an hour after Charlotte fully repealed its February 22 ordinance and gave no deadline for the NCGA to repeal HB 2:

The city council, meeting early Wednesday, voted 7-2 to redo its Monday vote following reports that some legislators were unwilling to vote for a repeal of HB2 because the council did not repeal the entirety of its ordinance.

City officials insisted that Monday’s action had removed all provisions that legislators had objected to. “The City Council acted in good faith to do everything that it understood was necessary to facilitate the repeal of HB2,” the city said in a statement after the vote.

As the House convened, ten Republicans led by Jeff Collins of Nash County filed a consittutional protest against the rules. It failed 97-10.

Just before the vote, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, the president of the Senate , came out against repeal.

Sources tell the INDY that the Senate has the votes for a repeal bill — although no one has seen one yet —but Craig Jarvis of the N&O hears that the House isn’t totally on board yet. Collins’ protest would indicate that is correct.