Below is a map of current sending areas for the Wake County high schools. The map is designed to limit travel distances, while also complying with the diversity policy: Each high school draws from a combination of affluent and low-income areas (“nodes”), off-setting the economic segregation that characterizes Wake’s neighborhoods. Even so, the range of low-income students (those eligible for the federal free and reduced lunch program) attending each high school goes from a low of 8 percent (Apex HS) to a high of 40 percent (East Wake HS). The countywide figure is 28.4 percent.

Current sending areas for the elementary and middle schools in Wake are smaller and not contiguous with the high school map. They would be contiguous, however, in school board member John Tedesco’s plan for “community assignment zones”: A set of feeder schools (elementary and middle) and high schools would be clustered in each zone. [Click for larger map]