What’cha doing Monday night? 

If you’re in or around Manhattan’s Upper East Side, you’ve got a grand (or five) burning a hole in your pocket, and you’d like to rub elbows with a certain former Democratic presidential candidate, U.S. senator, and secretary of state while supporting a [checks notes] candidate for mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina, have we got an event for you. 

According to an invitation we were sent Friday morning, at a to-be-determined time at an undisclosed address on Monday evening, a New York investor named Andrea Hagan will host a fundraiser for Raleigh mayoral candidate and former Wake County commissioner Caroline Sullivan.

The special guest: Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

As the INDY has previously reported, Sullivan is leading the money race—but a lot her funds have come from a who’s-who of Democratic Party elites throughout the country, due in part to connections she and her husband, a lobbyist, have made.

The requested donation is $1,000, but, as the invitation reminds you, you can give up to $5,400.

The Sullivan campaign did not immediately respond to the INDY’s request for comment. 

If one of y’all goes, please send pics!

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One reply on “Hillary Clinton to Attend Manhattan Fundraiser for Raleigh Mayoral Candidate Caroline Sullivan”

  1. an indication of who NOT to vote for, Caroline Sullivan is it. Not just because she is an Indy favorite. That right there tells you she would be terrible. But to have THE most corrupt, immoral, two-faced, lying disbarred ex-lawyer ever to hold public office put on an elitist fundraiser dinner for you, I don’t know what more proof you need that Sullivan is not the candidate you should vote for, unless you hate Raleigh and stand to profit as it is sold off to the highest foreign bidder. Does Sullivan have a foundation too?

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