Incumbent Sig Hutchinson and newcomer Maria Cervania coasted to victory in the Wake County Board of Commissioners race, defeating opponents Jeremiah Pierce and Audra Killingsworth. 

With all precincts reporting as of 11:20 p.m., Hutchinson had a 11-point lead over Pierce, while Cervania beat out Killingsworth by 20 points. 

Hutchinson, who has served on the board since 2014, has been sparring with Pierce since the 2018 election. Pierce accused Hutchinson of spending nearly $43,000 taxpayer money on travel expenses in a complaint to the Wake County District Attorney’s office. After investigating the complaint, DA Lorrin Freeman found Hutchinson’s spending was related to his role as an elected official and concluded the matter wasn’t criminal.

Cervania may be new to county politics, but she’s well connected within the Democratic Party and offered an impressive, progressive slate of ideas. Killingsworth served as a member of the Apex Town Council. 

Here’s the final vote count in those races: 

We’re also happy (and relieved) to report that Tammy Brunner crushed Bill Madden in the Registrar of Deeds contest, scoring 77 percent of the vote. And although we (regrettably) endorsed Madden, we rescinded our backing of him after he cursed out a poll worker during early voting. 

In the NC House of Representatives District 38 race, former judge Abe Jones beat out Quanta Monique Edwards with 57 percent of voters behind him. District 33 incumbent Rosa Gill squashed challenger Antoine Marshall 66-34, while Sarah Crawford defeated Angela Bridgman in the District 18 race 74-26.

On the Republican state house ballot, District 18 saw Larry Norman lead the race over Scott McKaig, while Fred Von Canon came out on top of Alma Peters in House District District 35. Kim Coley secured a victory over Gil Pagan in the District 36 race 56-43, while Erin Pare led the ticket for District 37 with nearly 60 percent of the vote behind her. 

Jim Black and Julie Bell led the ticket in the district court judges race, defeating opponents Tiffanie Meyers and Damion McCullers.