The Wake County GOP—which still exists, though you might not know it from recent elections—is apparently honored to host a Reagan Day dinner with Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s (first) former campaign manager, who’s perhaps best known for mocking an immigrant child with Down syndrome on live television, or for being charged with assault after grabbing a Breitbart reporter in 2016, or for being (allegedly!) shitfaced on cable news, or for throwing a temper tantrum at a congressional hearing.

If you were wondering why Republicans have been getting hammered in the suburbs—or why the county party is functionally irrelevant—well, here you go. But hey, maybe a Trump hanger-on will boost attendance from the MAGA crew. Everyone wins, or whatever.

Lewandowski will also be hanging out with University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Republicans (the ones who can’t get dates) on Wednesday afternoon at Union Auditorium. Non-students can get in for a mere $50. 

The big Reagan Day dinner is Wednesday night at the Embassy Suites in Cary, which is—be honest—exactly where you imagined it was. Tickets are $70. (If you’re looking for better ways to part with your cash, we have a suggestion.)

Darren Eustance, who chairs the Wake County Republican Party, declined to comment to the INDY

“Everything you write about the Republicans and conservatives is biased,” Eustance said. “If we’re not going to get a fair shake out of you, then I see no reason to work with you when you write stories.”

Just spitballing, Darren, but maybe if you stopped celebrating cretins like Corey Lewandowski, we could all get along—and you might win an election again.  

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