A video shows two Raleigh cops beating a 22-year-old man while forcing him from his car Tuesday.

Braily Andres Batista-Concepcion is in the driver’s seat when an officer knees and hits him while trying to pull him from the car, as seen by a video taken from the backseat. Clutching the steering wheel, Batista’s arm twists behind him before he is thrown to the ground, where he is kneed and handcuffed by two officers. His face is covered in blood.

Raleigh police are aware of the video and are conducting an internal review of the incident, the department said in a press statement. The officers were wearing body cameras. 

“In the spirit of transparency, the Raleigh Police Department will petition Superior Court for release of the videos,” police said.

But this video pretty much says it all:

Just thought i would share this with yall 🤦🏾‍♂️ @raleighpolice did my brotha dirty because somebody in the car was recording him.. this happened yesterday morning…. fuck 12 they aint protecting us they hurting us 💯 @ABC11_WTVD & @WRAL #Retweet make it go Viral! pic.twitter.com/wA9UQPD96i

— BandoPop 🩸 (@bandopopp) January 15, 2020

Police said Batista-Concepcion’s car matched the description of a vehicle suspected in three hit-and-runs Tuesday morning. He was driving erratically when police pulled him over on Navaho Drive.

“When Mr. Batista-Concepcion ignored repeated commands to place his hands on the wheel, the officer ordered him to get out of the vehicle,” RPD stated. “Mr. Batista-Concepcion failed to follow the officer’s commands and officers used force to remove him from the vehicle.”

Batista-Concepcion was charged for the three hit-and-runs, driving while impaired, marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice, police said.

Batista-Concepcion is seen with a black eye and his face is bruised in a video published by the News & Observer.

“They beat me up, left bruises everywhere,” Batista-Concepcion says in the video. 

Also on Tuesday, the officer charged with beating Kryon Hinton took a plea deal that included no jail time. It’s nine months shy of when cops shot and killed Soheil Mojarrad in a parking lot and pulled a gun on a black man in his own home last April. Almost a year ago, LaDonna Clark says they pointed rifles at her six-year-old son during a February raid. 

Seen. City is collecting evidence internally and is working quickly to release a report once they have all the info – – more to come.

— Saige Martin (@Saige4Raleigh) January 15, 2020