Oodles of puppers, kittehs, doggos, catzos, bun-buns, and ratzos are waiting for you to give them their fur-ever home. And this week, it costs half the price to adopt them.

The Wake County SPCA is holding a “clear the shelters” event through Sunday, cutting adoption fees in half. To find your new furbaby, go online to the Wake SPCA’s adoption appointments page and fill out the adoption application. You can then pick either the general process or choose an animal to put on hold (please only adopt if you are truly ready to give a new pet a good home). 

Then, you select an appointment and go meet the four-legged friend of your dreams. The whole process takes less than an hour (unless you are picky). 

Here are some of the champs available for adoption: 

Sid, age 4:

Hello! Are you here to say hi to me? Oh that’s great news! My name is Sid. I’m so excited to meet you! I’m super smart though and I’m sure with some consistent training and lots of yummy treats I’ll learn all my basic commands and manners in no time! I also love to play! What more could you want from a dog like me? Let’s go! I am full grown at ~53 lbs.

Cats/Dogs? My previous humans report yes to both! Children? I’ve done well with older kids, unknown with younger kids. Housetrained? I’m still working on it!.

Training needs? I know lots of commands! Energy level? High.

How did I get here? Adopted and returned when my human could no longer care for me.

Adoption fee: $48

Hastings & Anthony, age 1

Hi there! I’m Hastings, and this is my very good friend Anthony. We’re two gentlemen with a very big request… please adopt us together! You may have noticed that we’re pretty special…. we aren’t able to see, but that doesn’t slow us down at all. Having my BFF around helps me confidently explore new territory (like our forever home!). Make us the happiest boys and adopt us today! **I am living in a foster home – please make an appointment to meet me.**

Cats? I love Anthony! Dogs/Children? Unknown. How did I get here? Transferred from another rescue.

Adoption fee: $45

Tucker, age 3:

Hi there! Want to hear a riddle? What is white, black, and cute all over? ME OF COURSE!! My name is Tucker and like I said I’m so cute! I’m also playful, smart, and super lovable! Oh and did I mention I need a forever home? It’s crazy I haven’t found one yet I mean…look at me!! Oh I just had the best idea! You should definitely come adopt me and be my forever home! We could play fetch together, go on lots of walks, and maybe you could even teach me cool tricks! It’ll be great I promise! Come adopt me today and let’s go! I am full grown and weigh ~60 lbs. *I am currently living at the admissions center – please make an appointment to meet me!*

Dogs/children? Signs point to yes. Cats? Unknown. Training needs? I can’t wait to learn! Housetrained? Unknown. How did I get here? Transferred from Johnston County Shelter after being found as a stray.

Adoption fee: $48

Mcalister, age 6

Oh look, my new best friend! You can call me McAlister, all my BFFs do. I absolutely love my humans, so my ideal home will have someone who can love on me 24/7. Okay, so maybe that’s not totally realistic, but whenever you aren’t busy with humans things I will need all of your attention. Let’s stop by the SPCA retail store and pick up a bunch of toys, scratchers and treats to keep me occupied when you’re gone. We should definitely get a wide variety so I can stay stimulated!

**I have tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but the good news is I can still live a long normal cat life! Speak with an adoption specialist for more information.**

Cats/Dogs/Children? Unknown. How did I get here? Transferred from Scotland County Humane Society where I was brought in as a stray.

Adoption fee: $23

Simon & Sunisa, 9 months

Hiya! I’m Simone and this is my best friend, Sunisa. We are in the market for one of those “forever homes” and can’t wait to find our person…could that be you? Do you have a cool enclosure for us with lots of fleece hideouts and awesome toys for us? We can be a teensy bit on the shy side, so we hope you don’t mind if it takes us a little while to get comfortable with you. Yummy fruit and veggie treats are the way to our hearts, though. What are you waiting for?? Let’s go!

How did we get here? Surrendered when the landlord said we weren’t welcome.

Adoption fee: $15

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