Dear INDY readers,

Welcome to the 2022 Press Club Summer Campaign!  

Over the next two weeks, INDY Week will ask for support from our dedicated readers (you). We know it’s a big lift, but we’re going to raise $50,000 for the INDY Press Club in the next 14 days with your help. Reaching this goal will allow for necessary flexibility in our news and culture coverage for the rest of the year and will help offset lingering losses incurred during the pandemic.

As you know by now, local journalism is threatened on various fronts, from hedge fund takeovers to fake news reporting. Our community must maintain a free and independent news outlet. It’s papers like the INDY that serve as independent, ethical voices against a wall of syndicated white noise. We could deploy dozens more kitschy phrases or cool one-liners over the next two weeks to demonstrate this, but instead, we’ll take time to share some research, anecdotes, and—most importantly—what we plan to cover for our community with your support.

The INDY Week Press Club is made up of readers, like you, who’ve decided to put aside the cost of one meal a month to help keep us a functioning local paper. If you’re able, you can follow this link and customize the support you give us. If just 2,500 of our approximately 100,000 unique monthly readers give $20, we will reach our goal. 

Please take five minutes and donate $20 to the Press Club! Keep up with us by checking the thermometer to see our progress.