Creative, play-based experiences are how children learn best and Marbles Kids Museum is full of fun, creative and educational play. Located in downtown Raleigh, Marbles is a community-based nonprofit children’s museum with a mission to spark imagination, discovery and learning through play. Marbles offers three Homeschool Days for families and groups that offer all the fun of a typical trip to Marbles with added educational opportunities. 2023-2024 Homeschool days are Tuesday, October 10; Tuesday, December 5; and Tuesday, April 2. Each day includes museum admission, a 3D IMAX experience, a Learning Lab, a MasterMind and activities in the museum. Homeschool Day is the perfect opportunity to connect with other families, groups and resources. 

Homeschool Days are self-led, and each family or group can decide what added educational opportunities they want to participate in. Marbles Kids Museum believes that play contributes to intellectual growth, social and emotional well-being and physical development. With two floors of innovative hands-on exhibits, kids are engaged while they explore various topics and activities. Kids can learn about their community in a kid-sized town, make a splash while they race a boat down a 65-foot-long water table, experiment with design as they construct, invent, and craft and so much more!

Marbles’ IMAX Theater takes kids on a larger-than-life adventure with a 45-minute documentary that aligns with NC educational standards. The IMAX experience is fully immersive and transports you to the middle of the action. Homeschool Day attendees receive admission to one 3D IMAX movie that complements the learning activities of that day. 

MasterMinds are a great way to engage your kindergarten through 5th grade kids as they dive into topics about the world around them with a 20-minute interactive presentation. Homeschool Day includes a Mastermind that pairs with the learning activities and three opportunities throughout the day to attend. 

Learning Labs engage your 3rd through 8th grade kids while they learn about and explore scientific topics. Learning Labs are 45 minutes long and include interactive stations to provide hands-on learning experiences. Some stations are self-led experiments and activities, and others are led by Marbles staff.

On October 10, kids can become Weather Wizards with an interactive MasterMind presentation that experiments with the key ingredients of weather. Then they can explore our planet with a 45-minute 3D documentary that gives a unique perspective of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Kids can train to be an astronaut and build knowledge about astronomy and space exploration with an interactive Learning Lab. During the day, families can participate in various story times and Kids Code activities, such as building binary code bracelets and tinkering with computer parts. 

On December 5, kids can celebrate world cultures with a MasterMind presentation that explores music, food and traditions from China, Brazil and Switzerland. Families can experience the holiday classic The Polar Express in IMAX 3D. Lastly, families can participate in holiday activities and story times throughout the museum.

On the last homeschool day of the 2023-2024 school year, April 2, kids can learn about the animals around us in North Carolina’s ecosystem with a 20-minute MasterMind presentation. Then discover the mightiest families in the animal kingdom with a 45-minute 3D documentary. Kids can continue to learn about animals, ecosystems, conservation efforts and the impact of humans on the environment with an interactive 45-minute Learning Lab. Lastly, families can participate in a science scavenger hunt across the museum.

Marbles also offers other resources to homeschool families and groups beyond the three Homeschool Days a year. In September, the application process opens to receive discounted homeschool visits to Marbles. The homeschool family discount program application is open to NC families that homeschool and want to make Marbles a part of their learning experience. Once approved, families get $1 off each admission ticket to Marbles and the IMAX Theater during weekdays, September through May. Larger homeschool groups of 10 students or more can fill out a field trip request and receive field trip pricing. If the group is larger than 25 students, they have access to a Mastermind program and if the group is larger than 50 students, they have access to a Learning Lab to complement their trip to Marbles.

To register your family or group for 2023-2024 Homeschool Days and learn more about the additional resources available to homeschool families, visit