“Does your home need a Handy Ma’am?”

Amy Kiser is your go-to-gal in the Triangle for repairing, renovating, and maintaining your home. With 20 plus years of experience in new home building and maintenance, she can help you create the home of your dreams. While working for a custom homebuilder during the day for the past 12 years, she took on night and weekend side jobs of painting, dry walling, replacing toilets, hanging doors, and renovating homes. This summer she opened her business full time. Amy Kiser is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is licensed and insured.

As a teenager, Amy started out dry walling and painting as a summer job. She soon began learning all facets of new home construction and home maintenance. Amy says that working for local custom builders in the triangle has taught her about a myriad of home designs and crafting homes to fit home owners’ lifestyles. “I appreciate and work in all types of homes from 9,000 square foot Colonials to 900 square foot cottage style ranch houses. All houses have great character and stories. I treat all of my clients’ homes with care and great attention to detail,” Amy says.

When asked if she has found it difficult being a woman in the home construction field, she replies, “Fortunately, I’ve had the opposite experience. Most people perceive women to be neater, cleaner, and more trust worthy in their homes around their children and pets. I don’t take that for granted.”

Is your toilet running constantly? Are you sick of beige walls? Thinking of turning that attic into a home office? What does your house need in order to be the sanctuary you dream of? Give Amy a call for a free estimate. Few jobs are too big or too small.