I was teaching a graduate course at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, and Charlotte enrolled as a student. The course focused on how to teach the body-based skills of sexual pleasure, and included hands-on practice. The first time I saw Charlotte give a massage to another student, I knew we had a future together. I was amazed by the skill, care and love with which she touched. But I was a teacher, and Charlotte a student, so I kept my professional distance. A few months later, we reconnected on a hike in the California redwoods, and have been wildly in love ever since. We started a business together three months into our relationship, both leaving our other jobs to focus exclusively on teaching the skills of sexual pleasure and couples massage. We practice what we teachwe exchange at least 10 minutes of massage every day, and constantly explore new ways of enjoying a healthy, pleasurable life together. Every time we give one another a massage, we finish feeling deeply connected and in love, and remember why we are so committed to one another, to our business, and to our message of pleasure.

Christine Fawley