1101 Dawson Road
Chapel Hill

Redefining the entire boarding experience ®

From the outside, Doggie Spa & Day Care, with its tangerine, lavender, canary and lime buildings and smiley-face decals, looks as much like a preschool as a dog boarding facility, and, once you meet owner Kirk Korley, you understand why. Kirk loves working around dogs. Ten years ago, when he was in a corporate job and could not find a suitable day care experience for his own highly social dog, he decided to jump ship and build Doggie Spa & Day Care. He knew there were other dog owners like himself who wanted to provide a safe place for their dogs to play with other dogs.

Today, at Doggie Spa & Day Care, your best friend and protector can take the day off and enjoy a vacation experience complete with a playgroup that meets three times a day! Your friend’s playgroup is matched by compatibility of play style, age and size. Tiny dogs, geriatric dogs, high-energy dogs and special-needs dogs all find a place at Doggie Spa & Day Care. Whether boarding overnight or spending two or more days a week in day care, staying with Kirk is a day at the beach for your canine friend!

Doggie Spa & Day Care tries to make each visit as comfortable as possible for your dog. You are encouraged to bring along special foods, sheets, towels, toys, something that smells like home. Each room is brightly painted, has a window and is heated and air-conditioned. A full-facility generator and owner living on site ensure that your dog will never be without human company or a power source.

And Doggie Spa & Day Care guests are the best-informed dogs: Whenever they are in their rooms, talk radiousually National Public Radiokeeps them company with soothing human voices. What more could you ask for your best friend? Call for a tour today.