Cole Park Plaza, 11500 US Hwy 15-501 N Suite 104, Chapel Hill
919-960-2841, 888-994-PAWS

“Offering natural foods, toys, treats and locally crafted goods at reasonable prices.”

Fast on the heels of the Triangle’s growing local food and craft movements, Furry Paws and Feathers lets animals become health-minded, thrifty, and socially conscious consumers.

Owner Andrea Ford is focusing the store on top-quality pet food and supplies. Luckily, that means lots of local and affordable goods, including toys by Mojo Tugs, dishes from local potters, and a small gallery of animal art by GypsySky Metalworks, Motley Critters, and Alex O’Connor. She’s also consulted with local trainers to build a stock of kind and useful gear and leashes. Well-wearing, environmentally-friendly hemp collars and toys from Tennessee’s Earth Dog are also featured.

Cats will be happy to know they’re not overlooked at Furry Paws. A cat lover herself, Ford is determined to provide a wide array of food for these creatures, and will work with you and your feline to appease even the pickiest of eaters. Scratch boxes and flying, feathery toys are provided to keep your cats active and content. Her store is also stocked with alternative litters that are environmentally safe and don’t promote unhealthy side effects caused by conventional products.

Ford, whose first pet was a turtle she found near her childhood home in Florida, is always happy to make special orders for customers with unusual pets like Buttercup, whom she set free after three days. While she does not recommend keeping wildlife as pets, she now looks after two dogs, four cats (including 20-year-old Brownie and leukemia-positive Lucie), and has recently added two wayward kittens to the mix. Folks with birds and rabbits also can find food, litter, and treats for their loved ones at Ford’s shop.

In addition to being one of Chatham’s only sources for respected brands, Ford has also scouted out the best bakeries around to supply the store with treats. “A good diet throughout life can improve an animal’s health, longevity, energy and contentment,” says Ford, who has witnessed several pets, especially older ones, become more active and energetic just by changing what they eat.

Her store is located next to the veterinary hospital in Chapel Hill’s Cole Park Plaza, just inside Chatham County on 15-501. Hours: 10am to 7pm Mon – Sat. Delivery is also available.