536 Edwards Ridge Rd. • Chapel Hill

Inspiring creativity and beauty among those who discover the Unicorn’s lair

Gaines Steer, architectural antique collector and owner of this five-acre outdoor showroom, is proud to have one of the largest collections of wrought iron gates in the Southeast.

The gates are just one of Steer’s specialties. His work includes bed frames, tables, headboards, fountains, trellises, stained-glass windows, and so much more. He invites you to his outdoor estate to the meditation gazebo, a Native-American medicine wheel, the planter trail, acres of ideas, antiquity trail, the Olde Log Cabin studio (showcases one-of-a-kind home and garden collectibles), a sculpture garden, the Unicorn’s Shoppe, a stained glass barn (houses collection of precious antique stained glass) and more.

Steer also challenges you to brainstorm with him to discover ideas that will best serve your style and décor so that he can provide you with incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces. And what is the story behind The Last Unicorn? Steer initially called his business “The Last Unicorn” because of the magical and mystical stories about the unicorna marketing strategy that worked! It has also become somewhat of a mission for his work”Objects of beauty can be derived when creativity is at play.”

The Last Unicorn hosts an annual May Show & Sale Every Day in May and a September Open House weekend. They are open Saturdays 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sundays 2 p.m.-5 p.m. and by appointment. Located directly by the entrance to the Governor’s Club, 6 miles from downtown Chapel Hill. A map can be found on the website.

New in ’07A studio dedicated to John Rogers American statuary: A collection of over 30 groups from “The Norman Rockwell” of the 18th Century…” Truly Amazing!