905 West Main Street
Brightleaf Square

“The music lover’s music store”

Be ready for surprises when you enter Offbeat Music!

Surprised at the amount of CDs crammed into the bins. Surprised at the hard-to-find treasures that pop up in front of you. And surprised by the listening stations drawing you to the great tunes that have been overlooked. Offbeat Music has something for all music lovers: jazz, rock, classical, roots music, import CDs, world music, R&B and much more.

The atmosphere in Offbeat Music, from the cartons of vinyl on the floor to the 45’s and posters hanging on the walls, is reminiscent of the old-fashioned record store. The well-selected listening stations, knowledgeable staff, great pricing and varied selection of music all come together in the form of the perfect music store. Recent listening stations included one featuring Brazilian artists, one for local groups, and one for Merge Records artists, and there was a Cat’s Cradle preview station along with dozens others.

Offbeat owner, Patrick McKenna, formerly a manager at both Millennium Music and CD Superstore, has created a cozy neighborhood store, filled with concert posters, T-shirts, DVDs, loads of collectible vinyl and all the music you could ever want. All CDs can be previewed at the listening stations before buying. “This is the best music store I’ve been to in my life!” a customer from Detroit recently exclaimed. McKenna says he hears that quite often. “I hope that’s how people remember us,” he says.

Staff members are clearly music fanatics, ready to recommend new albums and bands. Whether you are “just browsing” or tracking down a specific album or song, it’s a good idea to make Offbeat Music your first stop to find the music you’re looking for.