605B Daniels Street

“Get Involved, Have Fun, Get Fit”

Premier Co-ed Sports will be the “go-to” sports provider for men and women ages 21 and up in the Triangle area. By providing high quality, regulation and guaranteed fields, professional referees, high-quality apparel, and membership rewards through our player card program, Premier Co-ed Sports will be able to offer a product above and beyond what is currently on the market. Our founders have over 30 years combined experience in business management, tournament organization, coaching, and league play that will provide a strong foundation in creating a valuable business partner for your organization. The Triangle is a magnet for young professionals, and many are new to the area and looking for social, professional, and recreational organizations to get involved with. Add to that the area’s active lifestyle and Premier Co-ed Sports is positioned to be a top choice for those who are looking to meet new people and advance their fitness goals in a fun, competitive setting.

Our 2010 calendar will offer three seasons of outdoor sports (flag football, soccer, kickball) starting in April, as well as three seasons of indoor sports (basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball) starting in September.

The Players Card is what sets Premier Co-ed Sports apart from other sports leagues in the area. Each individual will be required to carry a valid Players Card to participate in any Premier Co-ed Sports event. The Players Card will also afford its owner special discounts on food and social activities at our partner restaurants and bars.