2101 Chapel Hill Road

“A wellness retreat in the center of Durham”

Owner Kim Dupre, LMBT, has a vision for Wellville that begins with quality massage and bodywork for everyone. Kim has studied with some of the country’s finest practitioners and their treatment modalities. She brings 18 years of experience to craft health improvement plans that help her clients achieve their wellness goals in a tranquil, honoring, elegant atmosphere. After working with Kim, clients report feeling the wonderful, healing effects of massage and colonics and also enjoy a noticeable decrease in their stress levels and an overall improvement in health. In keeping with Kim’s comprehensive approach to health, Wellville offers deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, ion detox footbaths, colon hydrotherapy, and nutritional and supplemental guidance. These modalities yield results on their own, but when combined, can create vibrant health. Massage rates are $60 (60 min.), $72 (75 min.), $85 (90 min.), and colon hydrotherapy rates are $80 (75 min.) or three for $220.

Wellville can customize a Rejuvenation Program to assist the body in de-stressing and cleansing while rebuilding a solid foundation of health. These individually designed programs can include massage, colonics, ion detox footbaths, castor oil packs, dry skin brushing regimens, nutrition and supplement guidance, rebounding for lymphatic health, hot tub and steam therapy. Clients also gain the education and knowledge they need to affect long-term changes in their overall health and lifestyles.

Wellville hosts their popular spa parties for women. $75 per person includes a 60-minute massage, hot tub, snacks and use of the entire facility. Perfect for any occasion for up to 12 people. Wellville is located on a beautiful historic property in Durham, and is a peaceful haven for all who enter. Kim and her staff are available by appointment seven days per week from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Experience the healing energy that will uplift and energize you long after you leave!