Zainab Baloch on the young people who want to run Raleigh, and Durham grapples with adding density near downtown. Read more

North Carolina

“Single-family zoning is a cause of racial disparities, wealth disparities.” Read more

Durham County


Durham County

The former Army Reserve Center on Carroll Street will be demolished and replaced with up to sixty-five units for people who have experienced homelessness. Read more

Durham County


Caitlin Penna

After residents voiced concerns about traffic and preserving the character of their single-family neighborhoods, the Durham Planning Commission delayed a vote on the Expanded Housing Choices initiative. Read more

Durham County


photo courtesy of Lump

General Labor, Brett's exhibit at Lump, is literal garbage. But we don't mean that in a bad way. Read more


Here’s what our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor


Alex Boerner

The new Durham Expunction and Restoration program has already dismissed more than 70,000 traffic and criminal cases, but expanding it will require resources—and political will. Read more

Durham County



On Monday, the transit agency asked for more light-rail negotiations. Today, Duke declined. Read more

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Courtesy of ShotSpotter

Council members questioned ShotSpotter reps over how well the technology works and what the devices can record. Read more

Durham County

Glitter-Bang Lady Planes slash Strap-On That Rubber Gun slash Let’s Boom, (2015), Mixed media collage on canvas_.jpg

photo courtesy of Saba Taj

An appreciation of the director of Durham’s community gallery, on the occasion of her dazzling recent solo show in Philadelphia. Read more



Steve Oliva and Christopher Williams

“I’m convinced they did not try to kill this light rail project because of all the things they mentioned. They did not want this project for some reason.” Read more

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Photo by Ahmed Mohamed

“We clearly did not get what we wanted from this policy. We want an end to the use of money as a ransom that holds our people in cages." Read more

Durham County

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Alex Boerner

And other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor


Jenny Warburg

Durham Mayor Steve Schewel wants $95 million to keep downtown from turning into an expensive enclave for rich white people, he announced last week. Read more

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Submitted/Alex Rivera

“The Negro Motorist Green Book,” published from the 1930s to the 1960s, offered African Americans a directory of places where it was safe to go in often hostile cities. Read more

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Also on this week’s INDYcast: What you need to know about Durham Mayor Steve Schewel’s State of the City address and a hot new track from FFFOOLERY. Read more

Wake County


Photo courtesy of Moogfest

U.S. Girls, Tim Hecker, and Kimbra are a few of the acts lined up for the festival, which will be held April 25-28 in Durham. Read more



Jenny Warburg

“How are we going to make the city we love a city for all?” Read more

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City of Durham via Twitter

Both companies let their bike share permits lapse last month, but are hoping to bring electric scooters to the Bull City. Read more

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    Jenny Warburg

    Steve Schewel gives his 2019 State of the City address.

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    Photo courtesy of County Fare

    County Fare

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    Courtesy of ShotSpotter

    A ShotSpotter Incident Review Center

  • ABT Studio Company at Duke 1. Photo by Alex Boerner.jpg

    Photo by Alex Boerner.

    ABT at Duke.

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    Photo courtesy of Pokéworks.

    An assortment of poke bowls and a poke burrito from Pokéworks.

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    Courtesy of M Tempura

    Soft shell shrimp tempura at M Tempura.