We're kidding. Don't wrap dogs. But you can do those two things separately at this Saving Grace adoption drive and fundraiser. more

Food & Drink


Photo by Hill Honek

The women-only club meets monthly to eat burgers and catch up on life, but also to celebrate something that’s not often lauded: the female appetite. more

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The black-owned paper documented, amplified and commented on the civil rights movement in Durham. more

Durham County

The lawsuit asks the court to invalidate a controversial resolution condemning foreign police-exchange programs. more

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Caitlin Penna

In September, Elvira Basnight filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice against Parks and Rec. more

Durham County


Eamon Queeney

“It became very disheartening when the crime wave invaded the mall.” more

Letters to the Editor


Sam Quik Shop via Twitter

The announcement comes after the shop's owner denied an earlier Herald-Sun report on an impending sale with a photo of a beer called Fake News. more

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Council members said the facility wouldn't be as noisy as neighbors fear, and would benefit the larger public by moving light rail forward. more

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Sarah Willets

After eleven months in sanctuary at a Durham church, Oliver-Bruno was ensnared during an immigration appointment last week. more

Durham County

The demise of All About Beer, the latest light rail snag, and the amazing Papa Shogun on this week’s INDYcast. more

North Carolina

Samuel Oliver-Bruno was ambushed at his Citizenship and Immigration Services appointment Friday. more

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Samuel Oliver-Bruno had been taking sanctuary in Durham's CityWell church for the last eleven months. more

Durham County

A podcast to give you the latest news and culture from Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill more

North Carolina


Eamon Queeney

Last month, a private equity firm got the go-ahead to begin foreclosing on the mall. What will become of this North Durham institution now? more

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Fill out your local music collection with some quality cuts from the Durham collective. more



Photo by Alex Boerner

"Don't worry we're not bankrupt or in legal trouble, it’s just time for our team to shift creative energy to chase dreams new and old," Runaway announced Monday. more



Photo by Andy Tenille

The band headlines the Carolina Theatre in Durham Friday night. more



Durham County

Commissioners approved a plan to develop two Main Street parking lots with 277 affordable housing units and commercial space. more

Durham County

The series, Always Human: Re-Visioning Justice, “attempts to recognize the varied history and purpose of prisons in the United States and in Christian traditions.” more

Durham County


City of Durham

Residents in each of the city's three wards will get to vote on how to allocate $800,000 via participatory budgeting. more

Durham County

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    An assortment of poke bowls and a poke burrito from Pokéworks.

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    Courtesy of M Tempura

    Soft shell shrimp tempura at M Tempura.

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    A church in downtown Olanchito, a short drive from Carmen's house

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    Queen Precious-Jewel Earth Zabriskie and Jacqueline White

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    NC Pride