Rowdy contributes more than advocacy: He lives up to his name with an explosive stage presence and bars in abundance, which he delivers on his new EP. Read more


Nine years after its first release, the Chapel Hill psych-rock band bounces back with a new album that fulfills its early promise. Read more


10.23_Music_AnnaClendening (1).jpg

Photo by Shore Fire Media

The singer, who grew up in Chapel Hill, speaks with the INDY about viral fame, America's Got Talent, and the importance of being open about mental health. Read more



Photo courtesy of Shore Fire Media

The title of the ruminative Americana artist's new album, “Like the River Loves the Sea,” comes from a song by the North Carolina activist and singer Si Kahn. Read more


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photo by Kevin Clark

Hard rockers: Strap on your leather pants for the outro. Read more


Wilco brought their brand of sad dad jams to Cary Wednesday night, playing a set of crowd-pleasers and songs from their new album, "Ode to Joy." Read more


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photo by Nils Schlebusch

With Pulitzer-winning composer David Lang, fearless cellist Maya Beiser, expert dancer Wendy Whelan, and postmodern pioneer Lucinda Childs on deck, what could possibly go wrong? Read more



Photo courtesy of the artist

We take the temperature of two new-ish jazz nights, Brian Horton's Tuesdays at Kingfisher and the Local Jazz Mondays at The Fruit, where Shaquim Muldrow is up next. Read more



Photo courtesy of the artists

The Raleigh author discusses his obsessive new Wilco book as Jeff Tweedy and company head for Cary's Koka Booth Amphitheatre. Read more


Malcom Brown’s positivity is infectious but not saccharine, and he raps on a level playing field with his audience rather than from a preachy position of authority. Read more


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Courtesy of Charles Francis

And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

If the words “chillwave survivor” mean nothing to you, congratulations: You are neither a music critic nor a hardcore internet dweller. Read more



Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

The modest Tryon, N.C., home of the legendary singer and civil rights activist was saved from demolition in 2017. This year, a fundraising campaign led by Come Hear NC is helping to restore it. Read more



Photo by Jade Wilson

The new song from the solo project of Wye Oak's Andy Stack was previously available only through Merge's vinyl subscription series, but now you can stream or buy it and support Native environmental organization Honor the Earth. Read more



Photo by Jade Wilson

One morning in 2016, Argote woke up and said to herself, “I’m done.” It took her three years to talk about why. Read more


Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing new under the sun that everything old sends us over the moon. Read more


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photo by Jade Wilson

Where Friday night (with Ari Lennox and Jill Scott) was full of attendees trying to catch the feels, Saturday night was packed full of people ready to party and catch a buzz to bring back hip-hop’s first golden age. Read more



photo by Jade Wilson

Art of Cool brings a special vibe to Durham that no other local festival does. It’s just North Carolina folks coming together to enjoy some soulful Black music—and this year’s first night carried on that tradition very well. Read more



Photo by Spencer Griffith

Discovering the varying lenses through which bluegrass is interpreted consistently proves to be one of the festival's great rewards. Read more



Photo courtesy of the artists

Multidisciplinary artist Ian uses the Regional Justice Center to tell the story of his brother, Max, who is incarcerated. Read more


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    Nils Schlebusch

    The Day

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    Outer Heaven

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    Photo by Caitlin Penna

    The former site of The Music Loft in Carrboro