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Land banking, down payment assistance, low-income tax credits—or all of the above? Read more

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“Demographically, the city’s changed a lot, and I think everyone is in agreement that the council doesn’t really represent, at least demographically, the city’s population.” Read more

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By Leigh Tauss

In the first meeting of 2020, the Raleigh City Council kept the momentum going. Read more

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“Our mayor twenty years ago, known as Notorious, started this thing with a young city council that dreamed big and demonstrated political will.” Read more

North Carolina

Former Raleigh council member Stef Mendell weighs in on last week’s story about Nancy McFarlane. Read more

Letters to the Editor

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Can they keep up the breakneck pace? Read more

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Lots of politicians say they’re not politicians. But McFarlane really wasn’t one. This proved to be a blessing and a curse. Read more

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Constituents can’t call out public servants by name? Bullshit. Read more

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"This council is young, queer, and bold. How can we not have fun?" Read more

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The incoming council is worried that the conservation districts will interfere with its affordable housing goals. Read more

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Provided by the candidate

And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

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They’ve bought into the YIMBY hype. But will they make the gentrification in Southeast Raleigh worse? Read more

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Let’s take a tour of our favorite wasted ballots! Read more

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By Leigh Tauss

A local activist calls the planned “community dialogue” sessions a stall tactic. Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

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Jillian Clark

Plus one thing you shouldn’t worry about. Read more

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Saige Martin and Jonathan Melton have been elected to the Raleigh City Council. Read more

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“I’m stunned,” Baldwin says. Read more

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Regardless of runoffs, the balance of power on the council has shifted, and Cox will likely be the odd man out. Read more

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    Down with the NIMBYs

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