I’m never more thrilled at Full Frame than when the movie ends, the lights fade up and the filmmakers and subjects are there. It’s a rush. These folks have gone from random people to confidants and, as such, turned the audience from passive observers to sympathetic ears in a few frames of films. It’s proof of life—a signal that the stories being documented keep going.

For those of you who haven’t had that thrill yet, here are a few signs of life from films that have screened so far to get you inspired.

1. Conrad Anker’s sweet Instagram

Meru is a wildly compelling adventure film, but I think even the filmmakers would agree that without the relationships at its core, it’s just three guys climbing something they probably shouldn’t. (Really, they shouldn’t.)

There’s mentorship, deep friendship at the worst moments and an abounding necessity for trust. Conrad Anker, the leader at the helm—his friendships and his sweet love story—are a testament to a fiercely loyal and persevering heart.

Jimmy Chin is also active on Instagram for those interested in beautiful (and terrifying) adventure photography.

2. Freedom for Uyghurs

Guantánamo is a hellscape where justice is concerned. No story exemplifies that quite so well as Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd. Once members of an oppressed minority, they fled China only to be picked up by Pakistani Army Officers and sold to the United States as terrorists and thrown in Guantánamo Bay.

This photo essay in The New York Times offers a further look into three of the so-designated “Enemy Combatants” as they arrive in Bermuda for release after seven years in judicial limbo.

3. Circus of likes

The Circus Dynasty is an interesting look behind the tent at two of the great circus families of Europe. Merrylu Casselly and Patrick Berdino are talented and in love, but the fact remains they are 21 and pressures are high. Wondering how things are going for our young lads after the fairytale? Look no further than Patrick Berdino’s public Facebook page. He’s having a great time.

4. Cory Booker is still a fan of Marshall Curry

5. Honesty on the radio

Enjoy (Dis)Honesty: The Truth about Lies? (Don’t lie.) Then click over to Our Buggy Brain on the TED Radio Hour for more chat from Professor Dan Ariely on the subject of why we cheat.

6. The Little Fat Fish (on Vimeo!)

Part of the appeal of Curious Worlds is that artist David Beck is fairly unknown outside of the art world. The film gives a charming peek into his process and life. Desperate for more? Check out his (albeit infrequently updated) Vimeo!

7. The Overburden of big coal may be in your electricity bill

Overburden tells the heartbreaking story of Big Coal’s grip on West Virginia and the affect of profits over people. If you’re looking for information on this fight and how to contribute, check out ILoveMountains.org and enter your zip below to see if mountaintop removal coal has made it’s way to your home.