The good folks at Thrillist made a list this week, as they often do, and showed a Raleigh bar some love. The “Digital lifestyle for men” site names “The 33 Best Beer Bars in the U.S.” and included Brewmasters on that honor roll. They excluded breweries and focused on bars with a wide variety of offerings, although a quality menu trumped more extensive collections of lesser beers in their decision-making.

Thrillist gave Brewmaster credit for a bar stocked with dozens of craft beers in cans along with 60-plus taps “with special attention paid to NC brewers like Big Boss, Deep River and Duck-Rabbit.” Thrillist also mentioned the pint of candied bacon that can be found on the appetizer menu. Recently on tap at Brewmasters there were such brews as Crank Arm Unicycle Mosaic, Foothills Hoppy Medium, Fullsteam Southern Lager, Lonerider Peacemaker, Red Oak Amber Lager and White Street Scottish Ale. There were, of course, a few dozen other options as well.

Other places on the list include The Avenue Pub in New Orleans, Blind Tiger in New York, Churchkey in Washington D.C., Craft Pride in Austin, the J. Clyde in Birmingham, Ala., and Riverside Market and Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.