This morning, The INDY reported that Durham’s popular Guglhupf restaurant, bakery and cafe was looking for volunteers to deliver day-old baked goods to people in need.

As it turns out, on a day when executive chef David Alworth was emotionally wrecked — as we all are — by the death of David Bowie, there was some good news too. By early afternoon, someone stepped up to fill the void that was created when TROSA stopped making daily surplus food pickups at Guglhupf, after many years.

After Monday’s blog piece ran, the calls and emails started coming.

“I had a dozen people offer,” he says, “including International Gourmet Foods, which we deal with a lot. My old friend Louis Botta is my [sales] rep, and he was like, ‘You know what? I’ll take it. I’ll have my trucks pick it up three days a week.”

Alworth thanked him for the offer, and then called Urban Ministries one more time to see if the organization could make it happen after all. (Alworth had inquired before The INDY piece ran, and was told it was unlikely it could be arranged.)


“They had heard about the INDY article,” he says, “and their volunteers offered to make an extra stop. So, they’re gonna come pick it up, six days a week, which is perfect.”

That picked up his spirits quite a bit.

“I don’t have to throw this stuff out anymore,” he says.

It’s good stuff, too.