Downtown Durham has been booming with new businesses recently, but not every one has been a resounding success. Such is the case with Intrepid Life Coffee & Spirits, a coffee shop, bar and general hang-out spot that’s the brainchild of Marine Corps veteran Matt Victoriano. The shop opened on Parrish Street in January, and after barely eight months in business announced it would be closing Sept. 7.

But that closing may not be so final after all. Intrepid has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise the funds necessary to keep the shop operating with the funds raised going toward rent, signage and hiring a manager. The way IndieGoGo works differs from Kickstarter in that it’s not an all-or-nothing bid—even if campaigns don’t hit their fundraising goals, they still receive at least a portion of what they did earn. The campaign has raised a little more than $18,000 of its $27,000 goal.

Also, the shop has received a recent boost in publicity after Victoriano was selected to take part in a White House event on Wednesday honoring “Champions of Change.” He was one of several veterans recognized for “doing extraordinary work across the country as leaders in entrepreneurship,” according to the the White House press statement that first announced it.

The combination of the campaign and the added attention has caused some hope that the shop may be able to avoid closing. But nothing has been announced at this point.