“I’m drinking my dinner,” I told the cheerful bartender at Dos Perros.

My husband and I had been on staycation only about 30 minutes, and to celebrate we headed to the Mexican eatery for one of our favorite drinks—the Skinny Dip—the best margarita in Durham.

This is not one of those cocktail heresies—margaritas fruitified and frozen into something approximating a sno-cone with liquor. No, the Skinny Dip is a classy drink—corzo silver, muddled limes, cointreau orange liqueur—and yes, it’s $13, but hell, we’re on vacation!

As if this weren’t decadent enough, we ordered dessert (my husband, who chose to eat as well as drink his dinner, did have the pozole as an entrée).

Aztec chocolate ice cream, topped with frozen raspberries, is the Skinny Dip of desserts, meaning it gets no better than this. With nuances of macho chile and cinnamon, Aztec chocolate ice cream made by the Parlour, but available only at Dos Perros. The servings are healthy—as in the amount, not the nutritional value—so you should order just one with two spoons.

There was little healthy about this “dinner,” other than the limes and the raspberries (no scurvy for me!), but if you want a promising start your staycation, then this should be your first meal.