(This pasta looks orange and creamy, much like the real thing)

1 package Orecchiette pasta
1 box of Birds Eye Butternut Squash puree
1 stick Fleischmann’s unsalted, dairy-free margarine
1/2 cup plain Silk soy milk
Salt to taste
Light coating of olive oil

Boil, salt and drain the pasta. Coat lightly in olive oil. Defrost squash. Combine margarine, soy milk and salt in a sauce pan. Mix in defrosted squash. Fold in drained orechette pasta and salt to taste.

To keep warm, boil one to two cups of water and pour into a thermos or food jar. Let it sit for five minutes. Pour out boiling water and put freshly heated food in the container. Seal tightly.

Recipe provided by Tricia Gavankar
Created by her friend of Pam DiDomenico