Much ado is made about wedding dresses, and understandably so. They can be gorgeous, intricate works of art as much as they are functional garments. But what if you don’t want to wear a dress? Suits, too, are an essential part of wedding wear. The finer details of suits and their accessories are myriad, from the necessity of pocket squares and cummerbunds to lapels, buttons, vents, and cufflinks. But a good-looking suit doesn’t have to break the bankin fact, if you know the basics of what you’re looking for, a good tailor can get you looking like a million bucks on the (relatively) cheap. In the meantime, we’re here to help you with that first part.


You probably won’t ever have to wear a tuxedo as a wedding guest, but a nice black suit is the way to go for more formal affairs. The most important measurement on any suit is the shoulders: if it doesn’t fit well there, it will be difficult (if not impossible) for a tailor to get the rest of the garment to hang correctly. Too-tight shoulders will be flat-out uncomfortable, and you run the risk of looking like Klaus Nomi if you go too wide. A bolo tieyou read that rightcan make for a snazzy, unexpected accessory with a black suit, but just about any other kind of tie will do just fine.


A super-tailored or Italian-style suit can lend you a sharp silhouette, which is perfect if you’re hoping to achieve a sleek, angular look. Lighter suits, like this gray one, are usually best for daytime or afternoon weddings. For spring and summer weddings, a light-colored cotton or linen suit is appropriate, as long as you avoid looking like you stumbled in from a beach somewhere. A tie can dictate how dated your ensemble looks, so avoid one that’s too wide or extra-skinny. Spice up your tie a little more with a fancy knot (like a truelove!), and add some extra bedazzle in the form of a tie tack or a clip.


Minimally tailored “sack” suits give a little more room to the form around the bodydepending on your body type, this may also be the most comfortable fit. These suits gained traction in the United States as mass-produced clothing caught on, so if you’re dressing on a budget, you can probably get a thrifted suit in this style fairly easily. It’s hard to go wrong with a navy suit in just about any setting. And don’t think bow ties are reserved for fratty types or Pee-Wee Herman wannabesthey can be as whimsical or conventional as you’d like.