“Fun” is the new single from Raleigh rapper BrassiousMonk. With enticing calls to let it all hang out, “Fun” only clocks in at a little more than two minutes, yet it’s the cool startup cog for the new Raleigh label Youthful Records (BrassiousMonk, ZenSoFly, Jodi, SpaceMan Stuu, and Supreme Kalif). If Schoolboy Q were to groom his noggin with Digable Planet’s Blowout Comb, “Fun” might be the audio result.

While the song isn’t weighty enough to sustain any long-term mood, its flickering youthful undertones are great all the same. “Life moves fast/we grow slow,” BrassiousMonk chants. It’s straight-up millenial generation philosophy—live in the moment, worry about it later. That’s appropriate for a wide-eyed and stylish record label that already seems to be about stepping out on faith and fun.

To further familiarize yourself with the Youthful Records crew, attend its February 6th concert at Kings. Should be “Fun.”