For anyone who’s sauntered into a dark local club to see some rock band over the last couple of decades, you’ve probably walked past Cy Rawls. He’s always been that unflinching guy who had the gusto to make it to two, maybe three shows in a night, often in different corners of the Triangle, or to do that road trip of which the rest of us only talk idly. He’s been a long-standing supporter of and participant in local music here and an occasional music critic and DJ.

Rawls is very sick right now with a brain tumor, and he’s in need of positive thoughts and action. For updates, go to, started by Rawls’ longtime friends Kerry and Dave Cantwell. The first of many benefits to come was just announced for Slim’s Downtown Friday, Aug. 1, with Devour and Grass Widow.

Plans are also being made so that people will be able to directly help Rawls’ family. Check for updates on that this week. Also, if you’re in a band and want to donate a song to Rawls, CyTunes is a project in the works to provide an online shop of music for sale, since his medical expenses are rising. Check this blog post about CyTunes for submission guidelines and other avenues for volunteering, even if you’re not a musician.

UPDATE: Another benefit for Cy Rawls has been added to the calendar for Sunday, July 27. This comes from From the A/V Geeks’ MySpace site.

A/V Geeks Present “S is for Sissy”: Proceeds help Cy Rawls
What could be worse than to have a little boy become a sissy? These films try to “de-sissify” behavior considered that of a sissy – being clean, having good manners, etc.
Films include: “Soapy the Germ Fighter,” “Johnny Learns About Manners,” “Fears of Children,” and more. Bring friends. Door prizes.
Suggested donation: $5: all proceeds from this show will go towards helping former A/V Geek helper and all-around nice guy Cy Rawls with his mounting medical expenses. The show is at 7:30 p.m. at Tir Na Nog, 218 S. Blount St., Raleigh, NC 27601.