Who: Jason Forrest

From: Berlin

What: Breakcore, mash-up

Where: Local 506

When: Saturday, midnight

Why: When Forrest took Donna Summer as his nom de mouse, producing mash-ups and moving dance floors while teasing heavy metal into rhythmic chunks, he didn’t care about copyright. “There are too many people doing too much to stop sampling in any effective way,” he says. And of his debaucherous shows, he jokes, “Imagine Iggy Pop with a laptop, and you’re getting close … ha!”

Who: Deepsky

From: Hollywood

What: Progressive, trance

Where: Penang

When: Saturday, 12:30 a.m.

Why: The West Coast duo produces long-form tracks, often including vocals, for the late-night big-club crowd, and have been doing so for over 10 years. They have moved heavily into the remix market in recent years, doing work for Madonna, David Bowie and Paul Oakenfold.

Who: Sleazy McQueen

From: Chapel Hill

What: House, disco

Where: Avalon

When: Friday,

10 p.m.

Why: J.T. “$tinkworx” Stewart calls McQueen his “local house-head friend” and has an upcoming remix of a McQueen tune to be released by the Swiss label Morris Audio. McQueen emerged as a part of the regional Newkular Family collective.

Who: Ja’Maul Redmond

From: Charlotte

What: Detroit-inspired techno

Where: Nightlight

When: Friday, check venue for time

Why: Redmond, often known as Loner9, produces live tracks using abstract elements and the rough format of early techno, a sub-genre usually created with analogue synthesizers and drum machines.